Frequently asked questions in an interview

Q 1. Are you a self-starter?
Answer: “Yes, definitely I’m a self-starter. I am always thinking of ways I can improve my efficiency as well as my working-environment and help the surrounding people to be more effective, cooperative and proactive.  For example, a few years ago I worked in an office as a part time employee and noticed that the sales representatives were having a very difficult time finding clients’ files when they called.  The sales representatives would put clients on hold and spend sometimes(!!) as much as five-ten minutes frantically trying to locate a file.  I took it upon myself and then informed to the authority to create a file management system that enabled the sales representatives to locate clients’ files on their desktops in less than 15 seconds.  This has made the office much more efficient and, of course, made both the sales persons and our clients much happier.”  I can recall many other situations where I was the first one to start beneficial steps which later got bigger success.

Q 2. Do you like other people?
Answer: Definitely I like people who are around me as well as people I need to deal with. Though I believe that all men are not equal in regard to honestly and humanity, yet I’m a true believer in human spirit and to my surprise, I’ve always won the trust of the people by trusting  & liking them.

Q 3. Can you lead others ?
Answer: I believe that true leaders are not created, they are born. And I always take pride on my ability to lead people. And people seem to entrust and obey my leadership quickly and permanently. Even when I was a school going kid, I found myself leading the clan of kids in sports, social activities etc. I still believe in true leadership and I follow my inherent and I try to work for the betterment of others. As I’m honest and I never cloud my judgment with partiality, I become the natural leader.

Q 4. Are you well organized?
Answer: Well, from my point of view I’m always ready to take challenges, like to learn new things and ready to face the upcoming future. So I believe only proper self-organized persons can dare to do that. I always keep my things organized as well as I personally organize myself to be a great accomplished one. For instance , I take everything under control when I go for a trip or vacation. I try to be intimately familiar with the internal structure of the environment /organization I need to deal with so that I can get specialized information fast.

Q 5. Do you deceive decision  maker ?
Answer: Well this is a tricky question in my opinion. The answer has a pitfall and it might give a opposite impression. Nonetheless, I’ll be pretty honest to answer the question. I believe in honesty and humanity. I truly expect the thriving of the organization /environment I work . I don’t believing in deception. It does not matter if it’s my personal life or in an working environment. So I’d never deceive a decision maker unless it’s going against the organization, humanity.

Q 6. Do you enjoy hard-work and long hours ?
Answer: I do love taking challenges. I enjoy what I do and I do what I enjoy. So, I never thing about the working hours which is conventionally measured by clock or day-nigh. If needed, I love to work for a long and I enjoy it. But I like to take very short breaks as I believe a short break can recharge and can give back the working spirit. I have the record of working more than 15 hours in a day (24 hours) when I have meet a deadline. I never felt stressed or annoyed doing so, rather I enjoyed working because I had the believe that after I complete it I’m going to enjoy my after work period.

Q 7. Do you stick with a project ?
Answer: If I’m given an assignment to complete, I stick with it till I’m fully satisfied and done with it. I try to focus and concentrate on my project pretty firmly. I don’t care about being stick to a project or not. I believe in working -as-per requirement. So if I’ve only one thing to finish, I do it with utmost attention but if I’ve multiple task at hand then I do my time management properly to get the best output.

Q 8. Can you handle pressure ?
Answer: I do love taking pressure. Pressures are to test my ability, skills, determination. So I take the pressures as challenges. I think if  I  take the work as a challenges, it’s never gonna create any pressure on me. I’ll simply take it as my responsibility and would finish it without stress.

Q 9. Can you communicate well ?
Answer: Effective communication is one of my strong points. I hear the people pretty attentively. I try to think the way of the people I talk to and try to place myself in their positions until I truly understand them. Then I proceed to make my point. That’s why I am always a successful communicator in terms of verbal, written or gesture. I had always been praised for the effective communication.

Q 11. Do you learn from past mistakes ?
Answer : Obviously I do learn from my past mistakes. I always try to avoid doing mistakes. But, I’m a human!!! So, if Any mistakes is occurred by me, I not only try to make it correct as much as possible but also learn from it. I think only idiots repeat mistake over and  over again and I’m not a stupid !!!

Q 12. Are you excellent in health ?
Answer: Well, my medical reports say in support of my health and reveal the fact of my being pretty healthy both mentally and physically. I feel as healthy as a perfect human can be!

Q 13. Why do you want to work for this company?

Q 14. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Q 15. What relevant work experience do you have in this career field?

Q 16. Why did you leave your last job?

Q 17. Are you currently looking at other job opportunities?

Q 18. Why do you want to work for this company?

Q 19. How long do you want to work for us if we hire you?

Q 20. How do you believe you would benefit our organization?

Q 21. Tell me about a suggestion you have made that has benefited an organization you’ve worked for.

Q 22. What do you consider to be your greatest strength?

Q 23. What would your previous employer say is your greatest strength?

Q 24. How well do you perform under pressure?

Q 25. What qualities do you look for in a boss?

Q 26. Do you have any questions for me?


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