Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Full Name : Drew Blyth Barrymore.



Date of birth : February 22, 1975.
Birth Place : Culver City, California, USA.
Father : John Drew Barrymore (Actor).
Mother : Ildikó Jaid Barrymore (Actress).
Brother : John Blyth Barrymore (actor).
Sisters : Blyth Dolores Barrymore &  Brahma (Jessica) Blyth Barrymore.
First appearance in TV : A dog food commercial at only eleven months old.
Height : 5 ft 4 inch (163 cm).
Zodiac sign : Gemini.
Film debut : Altered States in 1980.

Religion: Roman Catholic.



Ethnicity: White.
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Physique : 34C-24-34. (Mon Apr 27, 2009).
Occupation: Actor, Film/TV Producer.
Nationality: United States.

Family & Childhood: Drew Barrymore was born in 22  February, 1975 at Culver City, California, USA.

Her father, John Drew Barrymore,  was an American actor and mother, Ildikó Jaid Barrymore was an actress too. Her parents separated just after she was born . Drew Barrymore first appeared in a TV advertisement (A commercial about Dog food) when she was just eleven months old.


Drew Barrymore-early-age

Drew is the grand-daughter of  John Barrymore and Dolores Costello, who were famous actor and actress too. Drew got a family most of who were prominent actors and actresses. She is also the god-daughter of  the famous Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, and famous actress Sophia Loren. Barrymore had a crooked and notorious childhood. She started smoking at the age of nine, then began drinking by the time she was eleven, years old ,  started smoking marijuana at only twelve , and started abusing cocaine at  thirteen. She was in rehab at the age of 13 and took a suicide attempt at the age of 14 and then again she was put back in rehab.  Drew  Barrymore later described in her autobiography that this period of her life was crooked , notorious mostly because of the family-fame. The autobiography was titledLittle Girl Lostand was published in 1990. Drew Barrymore, nicknamed D, never completed high school. The next year, Barrymore moved into her own apartment and has never relapsed. In 1991, at the age of 16, Barrymore became engaged to Leland Hayward, grandson of Hollywood producer Leland Hayward but  after a few months, this engagement was canceled. Barrymore was then engaged to  a musician plus actor Jamie Walters soon after the cancellation of her first engagement.

Film Career : Drama and acting  is a tradition in the Barrymore family.and she has inherited the gift of acting.  Drew Barrymore first appeared in the film ‘Altered States’ in the year 1980 as an actress for a short part and in the next year she appeared in a Steven Spielberg’s Science fiction movie : ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’  as  Gertie,  which made her famous and bought into the limelight. Drew Barrymore received a Golden Globe nomination for ‘Best Supporting Actress‘ in the year 1984 for her role in the movie  “Irreconcilable Differences”. In her late teens, Barrymore acted as a manipulative teenage seductress in Poison Ivy movie in 1992 . Though the movie was commercially a failure but it was well acclaimed in cable and TV by a large number of viewers. In 1993, Barrymore earned a second Golden Globe nomination for her acting in the film ‘Guncrazy’. In 1995, Barrymore  had a cameo role in  ‘Batman Forever’, in which she portrayed a moll to Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Two-Face. The following year, she acted in a  successful horror film named ‘Scream’. This time Barrymore  continued to be  considered as highly dependable, superstar and a top box office  actress.  She was frequently cast in romantic comedies, such as  ’50 first dates’, ‘Wishful Thinking’ , ‘The Wedding Singer’ , ‘Home Fries’ etc. Besides acting Drew Barrymore then established a films production company “Flower Films,”  and released many hit movies including Charlie’s Angels. Barrymore had a dramatic role in the comedy/drama ‘Riding in Cars with Boys’, (2001), playing a teenage mother in a failed marriage with the drug-addicted father .  In the year 2002, Barrymore appeared in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, movie  alongside Sam Rockwell and Julia Roberts, which was highly praised by the critics and movie viewers.

drew-barrymore-image6 drew-barrymore-7

Complete Filmography of Drew Barrymore :

Suddenly, Love (TV movie)(1978) ;
Bogie (TV movie)(1980) ;
Altered States(1980) ;
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(1982) ;
Irreconcilable Differences(1984) ;
Cat’s eye(1985);
Babes in Toyland (1986) ;
See You in the Morning (1989) ;
Far From Home (1989) ;
Motorama (1991) ;
2000 Malibu Road(1992) ;
Waxwork II: Lost in Time(1992) ;
Poison Ivy (1992) ;
Guncrazy(1992) ;
The Amy Fisher Story(1993) ;
No Place to Hide(1993) ;
Doppelganger(1993) ;
Wayne’s World 2 (1993) ;
Inside the Goldmine(1994) ;
Bad Girls(1994);
Boys on the Side(1995);
Mad Love(1995) ;
Batman Forever(1995) ;
Everyone Says I Love You (1996) ;
Scream (1996) ;
Wishful Thinking(1997) ;
Best Men(1997) ;
The Wedding Singer(1998) ;
Ever After (1998) ;
Home Fries (1998) ;
Never Been Kissed (1999) ;
Olive, the Other Reindeer(1999) ;
The Simpsons(2000) ;
Skipped Parts(2000) ;
Titan A.E.(2000) ;
Charlie’s Angels(2000) ;
Donnie Darko(2001) ;
Freddy Got Fingered(2001) ;
Riding in Cars with Boys(2001) ;
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind(2002) ;
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) ;
Duplex(2003) ; 50 First Dates (2004) ;
My Date With Drew (2004);
Fever Pitch (2005) ;
Family Guy (2005-2009)(8 Episode);
Curious George (2006) ;
Music and Lyrics(2007) ;
Lucky You(2007) ;
Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008);
He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) ;
Grey Gardens(2009) ;
Everybody’s Fine(2009) ;
Whip It (2009) .

Drew_Barrymore_9 drew-barrymore-10

Drew Barrymore’s  Favourite music :

1. “These Days” – Nico
2. “Children Of The Revolution” – Elton John, Ringo Starr & T.Rex
3. “Starlight” – Muse
4. “The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth” – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
5. “Y Control” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. “Young Folks” – Peter Bjorn & John
7. “The Bucket” – Kings Of Leon
8. “Bump” – Spank Rock
9. “Girl” – Beck
10. “Fidelity” – Regina Spektor
11. “Rabbit Fur Coat” – Jenny Lewis
12. “Mozzarella Swastikas” – Adam Green
13. “Transit” – Har Mar Superstar

Award Won By Drew Barrymore :

Award Won By Drew Barrymore

2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Action Team (Internet Only)
2001 Golden Apple Award Female Star of the Year
2001 Hasty Pudding Theatricals, USA Woman of the Year
2001 Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award
2001 Kids’ Choice Award Favorite Movie Actress
2001 MTV Movie Award Best On-Screen Team
2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Actress – Comedy/Romance
2000 ShoWest Convention, USA Comedy Star of the Year
1999 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actress
1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Actress – Drama/Romance
1999 Award from Hollywood Film Festival Actress of the Year
1999 Young Artist Award —–
1999 Women in Film Crystal Award —–
1998 MTV Movie Award Best Kiss
1993 Award from Mystfest Best Actress
1983 Young Artist Award Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture


Drew Barrymore Quotes :

“I wish I could say there was a miracle cure, but it’s all really quite boring. I’ve always hated those people who say that eating right and exercising is the only way to lose weight, but now I’m with them, I’m one of them.”

“I use a StairMaster, go to Pilates classes and run regularly. I run as far as I can. I don’t cook, so I get all my food from healthy takeaways in Los Angeles. You can order really delicious, fresh steamed fish or chicken with steamed vegetables. The difficult thing is that now I’ve lost the weight, I’m trying to maintain it.”

“Losing the weight has given me confidence and a sense of pride, but I’m not about to go down to a size zero. Don’t worry about me because I would never fall prey to all that bulls**t.”

“I don’t know anybody’s road who’s been paved perfectly for them, there are no manuals, you don’t know what life has in store for you.”

“I never want to get to the point where it’s all about my needs, and the hell with anybody else.”

“I’m not after fame and success and fortune and power. It’s mostly that I want to have a good job and have good friends; that’s the good stuff in life.”

“I’m so in control of my life, you shouldn’t dislike anything I do-because I’m not only in the best place I’ve ever been, but it keeps getting better and better.”

“We’ve got to learn hard things in our lifetime, but it’s love that gives you the strength. It’s being nice to people and having a lot of fun and laughing harder than anything, hopefully every single day of your life.  “


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