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best-blog-image1Want to start your Blog today but can’t decide which blogging service to use? Well, the decision isn’t easy, at least to those who have not spent a considerable time to explore different blogging sites and running blogs for a long time . If you are like me and want your blog to offer you most, then before starting your blog give a thoughtful consideration to choose the one that fits you best. If you can manage to buy a domain and hosting space then you shouldn’t rely on free blogging, hence free blogging won’t give you 100% freedom and flexibility.

You should  install either wordpress , drupal , joomla or any CMS you prefer to start your blogging site. But if you want a free blogging site, then you should be ready to be satisfied with the offered services and limitations. Without any cost, the services  from, or others provide is really great. These sites has opened a new era for users to participate more and to share with the net community. Everyday thousands of free new blogs are emerging and the growth is unbelievable.

Here is a list for free best blogging sites you can use to start your blog today. Before choosing one in random please spent times to make a wise decision. www.wordpress.comwordpress-logo

Advantages :

  • WordPress is easy to use, maintain and publish.
  • Lots of professional-looking templates and new templates come frequently.
  • You can categorize your posts with custom categories and tags.
  • It gives the supports for ‘multi-user blogging’.
  • 3 GB file storage which is considerably more than you’d really need.
  • Youtube and Hulu video integration is easy and make the blog better.
  • Add new article or post to their global tag system and tag surfer, which helps to drive new traffic.
  • Very effective spam protection & blocking.
  • Offer native versions of in over 50 languages.
  • has a feature called “pages” which allows a blogger to easily create web pages.
  • Support for static home pages.
  • If your blog has a higher traffic then you will have the chance to earn from the advertisement.
  • Administration is really easy and powerful.
  • Neat and solid design and coding.
  • Image and video integration is easier.
  • You can leave the blog anytime and you can upgrade your free blog to a VIP one with little payment.


  • Limited in many cases than other famous blogs, like Blogger. You can’t play with your template.
  • No template editing. Style sheet editing is only available as a paid upgrade.
  • Scripting is not allowed.
  • Advertisement integration is not was easy as other blogging sites.

Blogger: blogger-logo-image /

Advantages :

  • Complete freedom for bloggers to edit template layouts, styles and colors, or install a third party theme.
  • Integration of any type of script including third-party script which is really cool to increase the possibility of your blog.
  • Helpful for team blogs. Submit or receive new posts by email.
  • Integration of Google Adsense.
  • The google revenue is completely yours.
  • Favored by Google.
  • Thousand of themes and they can easily be modified or replaced.
  • Easy to add self-made header footer and other images.
  • Full freedom to edit codes for the blog.
  • Google is always updating features for the blogger/ blogspot blogs.


  • When inserting images, they always get placed at the top of the page which is really annoying.
  • Though creating new post id faster but lots of limitation in the editor.
  • 1 GB space is allowed which should be enough but sometimes can limit you not to add lots of  videos.

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