Fresh content for your blog.

If you own a blog then you’ve probably noticed the value for unique and fresh content. What is the point of just copying and pasting an article from another website? Surely, the web has grown faster than any knowledge based archive and it’s really heard to write fresh content. Yet your contribution as a blogger is only countable when you present a unique content. Don’t get me wrong! May be your idea for writing an article is unique to you and completely honest, but have you considered searching for the result for the same idea you have in your mind? Just google it and see the total result. Don’t refrain yourself though, your article yet can be a great one. May be you’ve spent a considerable hours to add the most valuable and useful  information together, or you have successfully converted so many articles into one article to save other net surfers’ valuable time. These type of works are always appreciated if the outcomes are handy for others. Yes, you can hardly find new idea/topic which has not yet been written about , but you can improve them with your own knowledge and experience. The reality is that there comes a point where most bloggers feel either uninspired, unmotivated, that they’ve got ‘bloggers block’ or that they’ve said everything that there is to say on their chosen topic. This is something that we’ve all felt at one time or another – so what does a blogger do about it?
Keep in mind that as a blogger you are writing a digital diary and your writing will be enjoyed by others. Your aim is to be heard and discussed as well as sharing your knowledge and experience. Here are some hints to help you write fresh content/ article for your blog.

Fresh Content idea # 1 : Use your digital camera or any photo-taking device you have to take pictures you like. Share the pictures you like most in your blog and try to write brief description about the photo and other relevant information. Your own pictures and description of those photos are surely going to get the dignity of fresh content.

Fresh Content idea # 2 : Write book and movie review of the one you recently watched or read and enjoyed. Thus you are suggesting your blog readers to watch or read the books indirectly and if they like those too, they will appreciate you.

Fresh Content idea # 3 : Write down post titles as they come to you, and then work on fleshing out the content later. Share some of your own funny, painful, stressful, hilarious experiences with your blog readers. They will love to know more about you and your stories if you can represent them with best. If you can make them laugh or can touch their heart, they will definitely comeback to read your new blog posting. Even they will suggest others to visit your blog. Include updates and commentary about things that are going on in your business, workplace or town.

Fresh Content idea # 4 : Start a discussion about a recent controversial or buzz word of your town/ city /country. People love to comment on recent issues and like to opine their thoughts. You can get ideas of your your discussion topics from the daily newspapers or current issues or popular magazines you read. They also have the potential to bring added traffic to your blog. Some of the best ideas for new and fresh content  come from questions asked on some of the forums . If you keep an eye on a few forums within your niche, there will be questions popping up that you know the answer to.

Fresh Content idea # 5 : Failed to find a suitable answer/ solution for a computer/ IT / programming / web related problem even after spending a good amount of time on internet? Yes, people are searching for the same solutions too. Probably you have got the solutions/ answers from an experienced person or from another sources. you should definitely share this in your blog to create a fresh/ hot article.

Fresh Content idea # 6 : If you sometime write a short story , poem, or even draw pictures; why don’t you add the min your blog? It’s a great way to share your creativity with others as well as saving those digitally. Also Write about things that happened on this day in history. You can find this information in many places on the web. This is great for any blog writers because people always search for historical events and dates . Twitter is a live stream of conversation. Therefore it is a snapshot of what is hot and what is not in the blog. So visit and choose a topic to write about.

Fresh Content idea # 7 : Write about a person you really admire in your blog. Mention his/ her contributions, personality and works. This might catch the attention of the people from your community. You can also write about the problems of your community and can propose a solution for the problem.

Fresh Content idea # 8 : You definitely hear stories from your friends, relatives , co-workers and among them you remember some because those stories were interesting. you can share those stories in your blog. People always like real-life stories.

Fresh Content idea # 9 : You can write about your school, college, university, word place and places you have visited. There are so many people who share the same interest and place you have been once. They will love to read about those.

Fresh Content idea # 10 : You definitely solve a mathematical puzzle, word-cross puzzle and things like these. Might be you have even created some of your own. Share those in your blog. you can also share your own thesis papers, technical or business writing in your blog.

Fresh Content idea # 11 : Most of the people who use the inter net  assume that there is information on every subject on the Internet, but that is not necessarily the case . There are so many thing s yet to add . If you stumble on an area where there is minimal content, consider it an opportunity. Continue developing content.  Take help from other sources like newspapers,  books or any other source. Chances are if you were searching for the content someone else is as well, develop a blog post or RSS feed for information that find inaccessible.

— written by — Razibul Hassan


2 thoughts on “Fresh content for your blog.

  1. the fresh content idea # 1 is handy. If I use my own camera then it’ certainly gonna be my own unique article

  2. oh, english newspapers are handy too to get fresh content idea. But you should write in your own style. Thankx XeroCounter for the post.

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