Getting involved in more than One job !

The idea of having more than one job has become quite popular now-a-days than having a single job and since several jobs give more economic-freedom, opportunity to develop skill and flourish talent; people are quite prone to take further training, education to increase the opportunity and chance to get variety of jobs. Some of you won’t agree with me and would say: ” it sucks” but their is nothing personal here. it just the trend and necessity of the changing time. Having more than one job is just one of that.

In the pas, the number of job offering was quite larger than the number of people to fulfill the post but recent condition! Completely opposite. As a result, in the past the educated and experienced people could manage a suitable job and the payment was quite satisfactory for the people to bear the necessary expenses. Moreover  , the population in most of the countries of the world were not  as huge as it is now. So, people had land properties, harvesting crops and vegetables which could support their expenses. Again, there were very little modern technologies like now-a-days for people to communicate with overseas people and to work from home. Just think about  a online store today that sales all their products through internet. It was not possible in the pre-internet age when people had to transport products physically. For all the reasons, people were quite happy with a single job and there were very few part-time or freelancing jobs available then.

But with the change of time, increase of the population, increase rate of education and widespread uses of the modern technologies, the job sectors have become quite competitive, yet flexible in some cases. For example, a programmer can find a stay-at-home free lancing job beside his/her full-time job. There are so many reasons why people now-a-days like to have more than one career.

First, the expenses required to lead a standard life has increased dramatically, so people are searching for ways to support the expenses. That is why a shopkeeper is working as a taxi-driver at night, a stuff reporter for a newspaper is working in a late night cafe, or a school teacher is teaching in a coaching centre. The people are trying to earn more and as a consequence they are working in a completely different areas from their main jobs and educational and working backgrounds. Second, modern technologies in these days help people to easily find additional jobs. For instance, freelancing websites is a hub for computer experts, specially in programming, web-developing and graphics designers, to find online jobs. Third with the advancement of globalization, organizations have liaison , branch offices in different cities and countries. As a result the opportunities to have a second job have increased. Finally, organizations of different types find it advantageous to offer part-time jobs than full time. Because of that people can easily engage a part time 4 hours job beside him 9-5 job.

— written by — Razibul Hassan


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