Creativity! using MS Paint

I worked for a company for 6 months which was a BPO outsourcing company.I don’t know whether I enjoyed working there or I just loathed working at that place. Anyway the worst thing about this job place was that, we were prohibited to use the internet connection except for the recommended pages!!!To save their damn bandwidth they  did that shit instead of paying little extra and taking some more bandwidth. I found myself playing the installed games like MS heats, but it got vexing within few days.

I began using the MS PAINT and drawing(or should I say rotating and dragging the mouse pointer over the MS PAINT). After few days most amazingly I found some of my co-workers were doing the same thing. We laughed a good laugh after finding our joint and shared creating!!! works.

I don’t know but after I’d noticed some of the works done by this MS PAINT by some of my co-workers I thought it was good and I felt that sometimes being in a restricted condition can open the possibility of finishing some thing that would never be done else how! I offered my office-co-workers to share those paints simply done by using MS-paint, they agreed.I finished some of mine too.  Bottom line??? Try this. I mean using the MS paint and drawing whatever you like. It will give you a good time and good memory and something that you can see later and laugh.

Work 1 :    DANCING IN THE DARK. By… Xero Counter

Ms paint work 1

Dancing in the Darkness

Work 2 :    The lady in water. By… FARABI

Ms paint work 2

The lady in the water

Work 3 :    The hangman (Frustated or Bewildered). By… FARABI

Ms paint work 4

The hangman (Frustated or Bewildered)

Work 4 :    The portrait of forgotten…. By FARABI

Ms paint work 5

The portrait of forgotten

Work 5 :    The Alien in Alien land…. By FARABI

Ms paint work 7

The Alien in Alienland...

Work 6 :   Farabi Angry at IT Almgr…. By FARABI

Ms paint work 3

Farabi Angry at IT Almgr...


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