How to add/upload audio – video in blog

Lots of free blogger are asking the same  question: Can I upload audio and video in my blog? They ask the question because they don’t find any option (at least an easy option!) to upload an MP3 or MPEG file. But they wonder, how could other blogs can have videos and mp3s in their blogs!!! Ok, the answer to their question :  “Can I upload audio and video in my blog?” would be yes. But , you have to keep in mind that , free blogs don’t give a blogger the full freedom of blogging and if you are not an upgraded paid user then you won’t be able to upload any audio or video file directly in your blog. But there is an alternative way to do that! Bit confused? ….

Well, in case of video or audio uploading options, the new bloggers  usually click on ‘New post’ and then on ‘Add Video’ icon right to the Upload/Insert option at the top of the editing area. The Add Video Button gives a wrong impression that there will be a audio/video uploading option there.

add video in blog

But unfortunately, the allowed file types are : jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx. No mp3,mp4, mpg, mpeg, flv or any audio or video file format are aloowed to upload but you can share from other audio/video sharing websites!!!

To add any  video at your blog click on ‘Add video’ —> then click on ‘From Url’ tab. You will find an URL insertion place under the ‘Add Media File from URL . Insert the url( for example : there and your blog will show that video. Do remember that you are not allowed to upload any video of your own but you are allowed to insert videos from different video sharing websites like

In a similar way you can add audio files (actually url of an audio that’s been hosted in the internet already) with the title name from a website by clicking on “add audio–>From url” option.

You are also allowed to add different media format files and polls in your posting in the same way.

In free blog , you can put your audio/video files on other Web sites and then embed the link into your blog.  Sound cloud could be your alternative way of adding audio mp3s to your blogs.

1. Go to and Sign up for an account.

2.  Record and edit your audio file(s) and upload the files or alternatively you  can simply upload  audio files from your hard drive .  The extension of the audio file should be  .mp3.

3. When the uploading is complete, click on the “Share” button. You will see options for Facebook, Twitter, etc and to the right the “More” option. Click on “More…” and  then Click on the button and copy the embedded code.

4. Now go to your WordPress blog. Create a new post or open the post where you want to add the audio. Paste the SoundCloud embedded code into your post.

5. Save the post and Publish. It will create a player on your blog that looks like the pretty much following one:



2 thoughts on “How to add/upload audio – video in blog

  1. This is great info. Thank you. This seems like a nice, and easy way to diversify your blog.

  2. Did you do a simiiar tutorial for posting a video on You Tube?

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