How not to use e-Commerce Wallet

'On The Job' Learning

In a recent discussion at my favorite discussion forum – The Rodinhoods, I came across a discussion over ‘E-Commerce Wallet’. The debate was mostly focused on companies in India are mis-using this awesome tool and giving way to the possibility of a scam in near future.
In past I have written about the power and possibilities of Wallet in E-Commerce eco-system, but looks like e-Commerce companies in India are not at all strategic in their approach; All that matters to them at this point in time is to focus on short-term survival. I do not blame their nearsightedness, that’s how they conceptualized their e-commerce business; though I feel sorry for the same.
From the discussion at Rodinhood, one thing came out very clearly – Companies are misusing ‘wallet’ concept to an unimaginable extent. Whenever, a Customer has made the payment and if the product is not available or any other…

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