Quora as a Marketing Tool

'On The Job' Learning

A segment of a social network

Everyone needs to market themselves, but everyone’s pockets are not so deep to spend money like the big guys. This is especially true when it comes to StartUps. StartUps need to market themselves to generate inquiries, hire talented people, sell services, announce their latest offerings, and what not! But most of the time, they don’t have enough budgets to do the same. And those who have budgets, they spend it on the usual channels like – Google AdWords, Affliate Networks, and may be Facebook Ads. But all these cost serious money, and you can never be sure that they are actually leading you to some serious conversions.

Not that I hate these paid channels of getting your StartUp noticed, but all I know is that they generate conversions in spikes and hence do not qualify the ROI criteria of most cash starved companies. So what is a better solution? I…

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