A journey to Redemption-Shazia Omar

Shazia Omar, one of the very few Bangladeshi English Fiction Writers, talented, young and prominent Bangladeshi, had her book published from the famous international book publisher ‘Penguin’. The book title is “Like a Diamond in the Sky“, is about the contemporary issue of struggling youth in Bangladesh. The story will touch you because it’s the story you already know but you’ve not given much concern or may be you have many similar thoughts as the writer of this book or even like the protagonist of this book.


Shazia Omar told about the central theme and her experience while working on the book in an interview with Elita Karim, a journalist of the Daily star Weekly magazine. The story begins with a couple of North-South University students who are trying to make sense of their lives. The writer describes the theme as ” It’s not only about drugs, youth frustration , sex,  rock n’ roll in the chaotic metropolis  of Dhaka city, it is also about the social fabric of the community around them”. You, the writer, me, deen, we all are the part of this Dhaka city. May be we had been at a same place someday but haven’t noticed each other; that’s the real success story of the book. It will take you to something you sometimes do not notice with care. Read the full Article