Mob Wars – Cheat, Hack and Trick for the game

mob wars Mob Wars is one of the most addictive games/applications available for face-book & my space users. Lots of people are searching for Mob Wars cheats , tricks or any easy method to quickly go up and make life easier. But unfortunately there is no direct cheat code for this game like one you can find for the games: Commandos, Age of empire or even the Mafia Wars . This is the beauty of the game, I mean when you have a cheat code for a game and you use it to actually play the game, soon you will find that there is no attraction left for the game. Yet there are lots of issues and tricks involved with the game for you to know and apply to accelerate your performance as a Mafia Boss in the game “Mob Wars”.

Prudently choose your ‘Mob Wars Boss‘ type :

At a very initial stage of the game(when you actually start playing the Game) you are offered a choice of different mobster profiles namely Tycoon ‘, ‘ Insomniac ‘ and ‘ Bulletproof ‘.

Tycoon: If you choose to be a  ‘Tycoon mobster boss’ then you will generate money faster.  That is why ,the profit you will  make as a Tycoon Boss from your properties will be generated at a faster rate compared to Insomniac and Bulletproof Bosses.

Insomniac: As an ‘Insomniac mobster boss’ you will recover Energy faster, and it will allow you to complete more jobs quicker. In the early stages of the game  this would be really advantageous  because doing jobs will help you  to gain  experience and cash from performing jobs more frequently.

Bulletproof: As the ‘Bulletproof mobster boss’ you will regenerate health more quickly than the other two mobster styles ( i.e: Tycoon and Insomniac) . Choosing Bulletproof  Mob Boss is really a prudent idea if you want to do a lot of battles and go for the Hit List.

At the initial stages, having the Tycoon Boss style is the best choice since it will help to gain money quickly and will help to buy more properties. But at a later stages Insomniac or Bulletproof  Boss style is better. Among these two choose Insomniac if you don’t like doing fighting a lot . Otherwise go for Bulletproof and enjoy fighting.

In short , Tycoon = Money comes faster;  Insomniac = Faster Recharge of Energy so More Jobs;  Bulletproof =Heal faster and fight more.

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