Traditional VS International Music

Music is considered to be the foods of our souls. Indeed music is like magic since it affects us magically. A very good music can inspire, motivate, and redeem us . Music also helps us to broaden our horizon of mind. Probably music is the most effective medicine to pacify our mind. The recent trends to music shows our need of music. With the technological advantages now-a-days listening to music has become more convenient that it was ever before. Music is so divine and spiritual that it is even part of people’s prayer  in some religions. The world is a place where we have to pretend so many things and our workload often draws stress in our mind. Music helps us to refresh our mind, and even helps to forget our pain spiritually. From a very aboriginal period till now, music is a main part of our entertainment. It directly talks to our heart, it gives us new hope and fresh aspiration. There are so many unspoken words we want to hear and believe and music helps us to hear those verses and helps us to become what we really want to be . No matter how we’ve changed to keep the harmony with the changing world. There are millions of reasons why we should listen to music but i think the most important reason is the nourishment of our heart & soul.