ColorPicker software- A review

A tiny color picker software can be so useful sometime that you would be thanking to the publisher and developers profoundly. There are so many color picker software for download or may be already you have them in your disposal. Those who work for web designing or image editing finds these small piece of software very handy as it gives the color code for any portion of your desktop area that you want to use.

Here I’ll discuss about some of the color picker software that appears at  the top ten organic search results of the Google search engine.

The first one is Color Pic which is available for free download from .

This one is completely free for download and integrates a pro version (Color Pro) for download if you like. This software comes with some advance features like : Colors shown in hexadecimal  and decimal format, Option to adjust Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green and Blue values, integration of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black percentages shown as well. Use this software if you own a high resolution monitor.

Some of the other features the software includes are:  Arrow keys to nudge mouse pointer , Save multiple palettes of colors automatically, Snap to nearest WebSafe color,  Adjust color with four advanced color mixers, Use of  WebSafe Colors and color names are displayed.

The second one is ColorPicker1.0 which is a small yet useful one available to download from . Use this one if want to avoid diverse features and want only the color in hex decimal value. The size of this color picker is only 942 KB and serves your purpose easily. It has a pick button which captures the HTML and Hex value where you mouse pointer is in.