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E-Commerce – Perception Versus Reality

E-Commerce Today

Electronic commerce over the Internet is predicted to grow at an ever-increasing rate over the next few years, with on-line sales already heading for several billion. Yet, instant gratification is still the current perception of e-commerce on the Internet to the world at large. A profusion of web-sites announce, “Three steps to build your website” – “Use our Shopping Cart Wizard and be selling on the Internet in a few minutes” – “Free templates” – “Free Hosting” – “Complete web-sites ‘Only $199’ – “Four million e-mail addresses only $24.95” – “Search engine submissions to 2,000 search engines only $19.95”. So, the myth is perpetuated.

One would think the numerous’s that consumed millions of investment dollars to no avail on the flawed premise that “build it and they will come” would have blunted this perception but no. It persists. Supported by large commercial entities selling their version of heaven…

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e-Commerce companies are coming for you, middlemen.

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Up and coming companies are making an entrance in a way that has not been executed very well in the past. “e-Commerce companies” are taking tackling the business world, without stores. Instead, new start-ups are finding success through the use of almost purely online stores. By going online and straight to the customers, these companies are cutting out the middlemen. The New York Times article, “E-Commerce Companies Bypass the Middlemen”, mainly follows the structure of one company, Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a new and forward eyewear company that combines style with sensibility, while still manages to mostly sell their product directly to customers via the internet. Company co-founder, David Gilboa, claims that by eliminating the middlemen and “being involved in every part of the process, the companies are able to build relationships with customers and get direct feedback.” This process allows for an efficient supply chain, and for the…

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